February 11th, 2021
 How to Use Our Discord Server

This page will teach you how to use Greyson Chance Network’s Discord Server. See the table of contents to jump to certain sections.

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𝓍   How to Join

The Server

     Home Icon
     Server Icon
     Server Menu
     Your Profile
     Categories & Channels
     Inside the Channel(s)
     Channel Options


𝓍   Text Styles
𝓍   Links

How to Join:
  1. Click this link: discord.gg/8KEgFqsuEC
  2. Follow the steps on discord*
  3. *If you don’t have an account, discord will help you set one up before you join
    *If you do have an account, the website/app will ask to launch & join

When you join, you will have limited access to the server. You will not see all of the channels.
Once you have joined the server, you must go to the #Rules channel to learn how to unlock all of the channels



Home Icon (black):

This is the discord home button. This leads to a list of your friends and direct messages.



Server Icon (red):

This is the Greyson Chance Network Discord Server Icon / Button. This will lead you to the whole server.



The server menu. Click the name or down arrow to open it and the x to close it.

  • Notification Settings: Mute/unmute the whole server, turn on/off notifications, & change what (push) notifications you get.
  • Privacy Settings: Allow or block Direct Messages (DMs) from server members.
  • Change Nickname: Change how your name looks on just this server.
  • Hide Muted Channels: Show / Hide all muted channels.
  • Leave Server: Leave the server. To get access back the channel, you must re-join by clicking on the join link



Your Profile (green):

This is your profile. It shows your icon, username & 3 buttons

  • Microphone:* Mute / Unmute your microphone (please stay muted)
  • Headphones:* Turn off / on your headphones or speakers to hear or not hear voice channels

* There are no voice or video chat channels on this server, so you will not need these

  • User Settings: These are your settings for your discord account.



Members (pink):

This is the member list and the different roles.

  • Team: These are members who are moderators and help run the server.
  • Bots: These “Bots” are automated programs that we have here on the server. “Helper” is the server’s helper. They help welcome you to the server, set your pronouns and change the color of your name. “Simple Polls” helps create polls that you can create and vote on.
  • Fans: Greyson Chance fans – aka everyone who has joined the server.



Categories & Channels (yellow):

All servers contain categories & channels. Channels are where all of the posts go.

  • Categories: Each category has many channels (you can ignore the categories – they don’t do anything)
  • Channel: Channels are where you can post! Each channel is like its own twitter timeline. Click on the channel name to enter it



Inside the Channels (blue):

In each channel, you can see the channel name, timeline (chat), and the channel options (brown).



Channel Options (brown):

Each channel has its own, individual options.

  • Bell: Mute / Ummute the channel (turn off/on the notifications)
  • Pin: Pinned messages in the channel. This usually has channe instructions (how to set pronouns, name color, make a poll, etc)
  • Box: Your notifications (@mentions)



Posting (purple):

This is where you type your message (aka post). You can also:

  • format it
  • add emoji’s, Images & GIFs
  • insert links

See the formatting section for further message formatting (@mention, links, etc)



Formatting Your Post:

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Links: just paste the website like – make sure it has https:// in front of it.
for more advanced formatting, visit this page: support.discord.com/formatting

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