August 7th, 2020
 Shane & Friends

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MA (Mature) | 1 hr | Talk Show | 8 July 2016

Greyson appeared on Shane Dawsom & Jessica Buttafuoco’s podcast and talk show, Shane & Friends” in July 2016. Greyson’s episode was 70th overall, Season 4, Episode 16 of the podcast, and Season 1, Episode 12 of the filmed version when it was a series on Full Screen.
Years later, Greyosn revealed that during the interview he was very uncomftable with many of the discussed topics.
To this day, Greyson does not like this interview – to respect him, Greyson Chance Network will not be sharing the full (audio) interview.


Rated: MA (Mature)
Genre(s) Talk Show
Role: Himself
Release Dates: 8 July (video) & 8 August 2016 (audio)
Platform(s): Fullscreen (video exclusive), Soundcloud (Audio)

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