August 7th, 2020
 Only in Malaysia (2012)

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Not Rated | 8 mins | Comedy, Sketch | 17 April 2012 (Worldwide)

Greyson meets up with his “cousin” and her friends at a restaurant where he puts his Malaysian skills to the test and orders his own meal. A behind the scenes look at the filming of Greyson’s segment is featured in the Greyson Chance Takeover that he did with AwesomenessTV.


Rated: Not Rated
Genre(s) Comedy, Sketch
Role: Himself
Director:Jim Lin & Reuben W.J. Kang
Production Team: Guany Guan, Maxson Tee, Ng Chun Kit
Release Dates: 17 April 2012 (Worldwide)
Channel: Jinnyboy TV (YouTube)

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