August 8th, 2020
 Truth Be Told, Part 1

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EP | 16:27 | Pop Rock | 19 November 2012
Truth Be Told, Part 1 is the first EP (second if you count WOTL) by Greyson. The EP features 5 original songs. “Sunshine & City Lights”, released October 2, 2012, serves at the EP’s single . The single has an accompanying music video. Official live performances of all 5 songs are part of Greyson’s AwesomenessTV Takeover series. This EP is the last piece of work that Greyson did before being dropped by his label(s).


Type: Extended Play (EP)
Label: Geffen, eleveneleven
Writer(s): Greyson Chance, James Bauer-Mein, David Sneddon, Brandon Salaam Bailey, Michael Warren, Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins
Producers: Ellen DeGeneres (exec.), The Nexus, Brandon Salaam Bailey, Michael Warren, Toby Gad
Release Date: 19 November 2012


1.) “Sunshine & City Lights” 3:43
2.) “You Might Be the One” 3:23
3.) “Leila” 2:49
4.) “California Sky” 2:52
5.) “Take My Heart” 3:38
Total Length:    18:27

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