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Planet X (2014 – Canceled)

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Album | Canceled
Planet X was suppose to be Greyson Chance’s second studio album, but unfortunately the album ended up never being released. Greyson and his team finalized the album in early/mid 2014 and even started to promote it.
Rumors about the Greyson not being allowed to release the album started swirling around social media. However, this was not the case. Greyson and his team ran into some business side issues and decided the timing was not right.
The album had at least 13 songs. The track listing was never confirmed, but Temptations and Thrilla in Manila were suppose to be on the album – with Thrilla in Manila as the lead single and Temptation being released by itself. Other rumored songs to be on the album were:
– “Football”
– “Victim”
– “Animal in the Night”
Greyson did get to perform “Victim” and “Football” live. After Greyson and his team decided to not release Planet X, Greyson turned his focus to is EP, Somewhere Over My Head.


Type: Album
Label: Greyson Chance Music (independent)
Writer(s): Greyson Chance
Producers: Gordon Groothedde, Ron Aniello & more
Release Date: 2014 – Canceled

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