September 15th, 2022
 Palladium (2022)

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EP | Pop | 25 mins | 25 June 2021
This is the first album Greyson has released since parting ways with his previous record label, Arista Records. Greyson has since joined Lowly and releasing Palladium through them.Greyson has talked a lot about the album on Instagram and YouTube.

Palladium is an album about growing up gay in America. It’s an album about being 24-years-old in America, and how my first memories are of 9/11. It’s about falling out of love, growing back into it, falling into traps, reading history, experiencing history, drinking too much, working too hard, and not working hard enough. It’s an album about running my fingers across old scars, and bandaging up new ones. I think it will surprise people.

Three singles were released before the album. This includes, “Palladium”, “Athena” and “Homerun Hitter”. The album will be released on September 22, 2022.


Type: Full-length album
Label: Lowly
Writer(s): Greyson Chance & Jason Reeves
Producers: Greyson Chance & Jason Reeves
Release Date: 22 September 2022


1.) “Palladium” 4:07
2.) “Aloe Vera” 4:13
3.) “Down & Out” 3:50
4.) “Watchertowers” 1:10
5.) “Black Mascara” 4:06
6.) “Mercury Year” 4:07
7.) “Athena” 3:58
8.) “Pallas” 0:40
9.) “Homerun Hitter” 4:32
10.) “Panthers” 1:37
11.) “My Dying Spirit” 4:01
12.) “Hemingway, 74 rue de Cardinal” 4:47
13.) “The Balcony Song” 2:37
Total Length:


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