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Hold On ’til the Night (2011)

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Album | 36:07 | Pop Rock | 2 August 2011
Hold On ’til the Night is Greyson Chance’s debut album. It was released on August 2, 2011. The album features “Waiting Outside the Lines”, which was originally released as a separate single and EP. The first single (song) from the album has the same name. The second single from the album is “Unfriend You”. “Look At Me Now” is the last single. The first two singles have an accompanying music video. The one for “Unfriend You” features Ariana Grande. There are many different versions of the album – including bonus tracks, bonus videos, and even a Special Asia Edition. The song, “Stranded” was featured in the movie, A Turtle Tales 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise and its soundtrack.


Type: Album
Label: eleveneleven, Maverick Streamline, Geffen
Writer(s): Greyson Chance, Josh Alexander, Billy Steinberg, PalaciosClark, Lauren Christy, & more (see Wikipedia)
Producers: Da Internz, Josh Alexander, Billy Steinberg, The Matrix, Danielle Brisebois, & more (see Wikipedia)
Release Date: 2 August 2011


1.) “Waiting Ouside the Lines” 3:51
2.) “Unfriend You” 3:20
3.) “Home Is in Your Eyes” 3:30
4.) “Hold On ’til the Night” 3:41
5.) “Heart Like Stone” 3:48
6.) “Little London Girl” 2:58
7.) “Cheyenne” 2:55
8.) “Summertrain” 4:31
9.) “Stranded” 3:44
10.) “Take a Look at Me Now” 3:35
Total Length: 36:07
Bonus Tracks (click to view)
iTunes Bonus Tack

11.) “Slipping Away” 3:32
Total Length: 36:44

Amazon MP3 bonus track

11.) “Purple Sky” 3:52
Total Length: 37:04

Japan bonus track

11.) “Light Up the Dark” 3:27
Total Length: 36:39

South East Asia bonus track

11.) “Running Away” 3:34
Total Length: 36:46

Special Asia Edition (click to view)
Special Asia Edition (Aditional Tracks)

11.) “Running Away” 3:34
12.) “Slipping Away” 3:32
13.) “Purple Sky” 3:52
14.) “Light Up the Dark” 3:27
15.) “Paparazzi” (Lady Gaga cover) 3:22
16.) “Fire” (Augustana cover) 3:01
17.) “Waiting Outside the Lines” (feat. Jake Zyrus [Charice]) 3:52
Total Length: 56:32

Bonus DVD (click to view)
Bonus DVD (Special Asia Edition)

1.) “Waiting Outside the Lines (Music video)” 4:02
2.) “Unfriend You (Music video)” 3:31
3.) “Hold On ’til the Night (Music video)” 3:46
4.) “Take a Look at Me Now (Special ‘for Asia’ video)” 3:42
5.) “Paparazzi (Video)” 4:09
6.) “Waiting Outside the Lines (Behind the scenes)” 2:24
7.) “Unfriend You (Behind the scenes)” 2:06
8.) “Hold On ’til the Night (behind the scenes)” 2:34
9.) “EPK” 3:34
10.) “Track by Track” 4:04
Total Length: 33:32

Bonus QVC-Exlusive DVD (click to view)

Bonus QVC-Exlusive DVD

1.) “In Studio Webisode” 1:42
2.) “Canada Webisode” 2:!8
3.) “Paparazzi YouTube HQ Peformance” 4:11
4.) “Waiting Outside the Lines – Behind the Scenes” 2:18
5.) “Waiting Outside the Lines” 4:08
6.) “LA Live Tree Lighting” 2:34
7.) “EPK” 3:47
8.) “Minnesota Mall of America” 3:02
9.) “Live at the House of Blues – Behind the Scenes” 2:02
10.) “Making the Album: Hold On ’til the Night” 4:07
Total Length: 28:17

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