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Bad to Myself (2020)

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Single | 2:50 | Pop | 21 August 2020
Before releasing the song, Greyson opened up about his battle with anorexia – which “Bad To Myself” is about along with drinking. Throughout the song, Greyson takes us along his journey and saying that he is putting that all behind him.
Greyson talked to People.com about the song saying:

“Bad to Myself” came in 2019 as he mass-toured the United States and continued to struggle with anorexia and drinking. Nearing his hundredth show of the year, Chance was exhausted.
He realized then that it was time to make a promise to look out for himself. With the help of Teddy Geiger, who executive produced his forthcoming album, Chance wrote “Bad to Myself.” “I told her, ‘I wish I believed I was strong enough to have a record like this,'” he says of opening up to Geiger. “And she said, ‘You are good enough.’ I took that information and I just remember crying on my Uber back to the hotel. That was just such a moment.”


Type: Single (song)
Label: GMC, Artista Records & Sony Entertainment Music
Writer(s): Greyson Chance, Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris
Producers: Teddy Geiger
Release Date: 21 August 2020

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