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Feb 18
‘Holy Feeling’ (Unplugged)

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Greyson Change released an unplugged (acoustic) version of his newest song, “Holy Feeling”. You can watch the music video, below. High quality screen captures from the video have been added to the gallery.

hf-unplugged_009.jpg hf-unplugged_018.jpg hf-unplugged_045.jpg hf-unplugged_099.jpg

Nov 13
Instagram Live – November 13, 2020

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Greyson went live on Instagram, Friday, November 13. He talked with fans and about new music. He also played his new song, “Holy Feeling”. You can watch the archived live below.


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Sep 03
Bad To Myself, The Story

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On September 2, Greyson released a video titled “Bad To Myself, The Story”, where he and a few individuals shared their stories of their struggles and what “[done being] bad to myself” means to them. You can watch the video below. Photos from the accompanying photoshoot and screen captures from the video have been added to the gallery.

Screen Captures

btm-ts-caps_003.jpg btm-ts-caps_009.jpg btm-ts-caps_028.jpg btm-ts-caps_035.jpg btm-ts-caps_011.jpg


btm-ts_001.jpg btm-ts_002.jpg btm-ts_003.jpg btm-ts_004.jpg btm-ts_005.jpg

Aug 21
‘Bad To Myself’ Music Video

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The music video for Greyson’s newest song, “Bad To Myself” has been released! High quality screen captures have been added to the gallery.

btm-mv_001.jpg btm-mv_023.jpg btm-mv_059.jpg btm-mv_061.jpg btm-mv_102.jpg

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