March 14th, 2022
 Photoshoot Update

Greyson posted more photos from a small photoshoot he did with Broderick Baumann. The photos have been added to the gallery.

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  February 8th, 2022
 Greyson Chance x ON for Encircle House

Greyson ran his first marathon! He teamed up with ON running to raised money for Encircle House. To show support and cheer him on, Greyson asked for donations. As of today, $1,094.37 has been donated to Encircle House! On the donation page, Greyson said the following:

“When I first visited the Encircle House in Salt Lake City in 2019, I was absolutely and undoubtedly blown away. As a queer person myself, learning about the care & experience provided in the space gave me a sense of hopefulness that is difficult to describe.

I am one of Encircle’s biggest fans, and because of that, I will be raising money in their name as I run my first ever half marathon in Salt Lake City this April! Please consider a donation as a means of cheering me on & supporting me as I embark on my longest run EVER.

I also want to thank my friends at On Running for supplying me with all the gear I could possibly need for my 13 miles. See you in April <3

The fundraiser is still open, so if you want to make a donation, visit the link below


Photos from the campaign have been added to the gallery.

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  February 8th, 2022
 Photoshoot Update

Greyson has already done some small photoshoots this year! The different sets have been added to the gallery.

Set #33

Set #34

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  December 16th, 2021
 Nashville, Tennessee

Greyson performed in Nashville, Tennessee on July 17. Before the show, he did a photoshoot session, backstage. Photos from the performance and the photoshoot have been added to the gallery.



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  June 25th, 2021
 Trophies EP – Out Now

Greyson’s EP, “Trophies” was released today (June 25)! The EP has a total of 8 songs, featuring the two singles, “Hellboy” and “Holy Feeling”. The EP is available on all music platforms. New photos from the album photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Also click “Continue Reading” to read the interviews Greyson did for Trophies.


4-27-bb_00002.jpeg trophies-ps_002.jpg

continue reading

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  June 9th, 2021
 Unclear Magazine

Greyson is on the cover of Unclear Magazine (Issue 61-A June 2021). High quality scans and the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Click “Read more” to read the article.

Purchase or Read


unclear-ps_001.jpg unclear-ps_003.jpg unclear-ps_009.jpg unclear-ps_011.jpg


unclear_001.jpg unclear_003.jpg unclear_011-12.jpg unclear_013-14.jpg

continue reading

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  February 11th, 2021
 New Photos

The photo gallery has been updated with new photos of Greyson! The photos are from various past and upcoming projects. Make sure to check them out!

“Holy Feeling (Acoustic)” Photoshoot

hf-ac-ps_001.jpg hf-ac-ps_002.jpg hf-ac-ps_003.jpg hf-ac-ps_004.jpg

On Set of “Holy Feeling (Acoustic)”

hf-ac-onset_001.jpg hf-ac-onset_002.jpg hf-ac-onset_003.jpg hf-ac-onset_004.jpg

Photos by Broderick Baumann

1-01-bb3.jpg 1-01-bb5.jpg 1-01-bb4.jpg

“Holy Feeling” Photoshoot

hf-ps_004-2.jpg hf-ps_011.jpg

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  January 16th, 2021
 ‘Holy Feeling’ – Out Now

Greyson Chance’s newest song, “Holy Feeling” is out now! The music video and download links are below. High quality screen captures, stills, behind the scenes photos from the music video have been added to the gallery.


Screen Captures

hf-mv_001.jpg hf-mv_008.jpg hf-mv_012.jpg hf-mv_036.jpg hf-mv_069.jpg



Behind the Scenes

hf-bts_002.jpg hf-bts_003.jpg hf-bts_004.jpg hf-bts_001.jpg


hf-ps_001.jpg hf-ps_003.jpg hf-ps_004.jpg hf-ps_005.jpg hf-ps_002.jpg

Cover Art



05-hf-merch_001.jpg 05-hf-merch_003.jpg 05-hf-merch_002.jpg

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