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Welcome to Greyson Chance Netowork! The most up-to-date source on everything singer/song-writer, Greyson Chance. He is most known for his debut album, Portraits, or his earlier work, “Waiting Outside the Lines” and “Unfriend You”. Here, you will find the latest news, photos, videos and more. Make sure to visit often for more updates.


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August 4, 2023   Photos, Photoshoot

While in China for the Palladium Tour, Greyson took the time to post for some photos. The various sets have been added to the gallery. Set #42 Set #43 Set #44 Photoshoots > Small Sets > Set #42 (2023) Photoshoots > Small Sets > Set #43 (2023) Photoshoots > Small Sets > Set #44 (2023)

August 4, 2023   Performace, Photos, Tour

As the first American artist to return to tour in China, Greyson made many stops around the country all throughout the month of July as part of the Palladium Tour. Photos from the concerts, backstage a photo diary and various other tour related photos have been added to the gallery. PERFORMANCES BACKSTAGE July 15 • […]

August 4, 2023   Performace, Photos

Greyson performed at the TMEA Music Festival in Macao, China on July 8, 2023. Photos from the red carpet, performance and backstage have been added to the gallery. Red Carpet Performance Backstage Public Appearances > 2023 > July 8 • TMEA Music Festival Performances & Tours > Performances > 2023 > July 8 • TMEA […]

July 5, 2023   Tour

Greyson is taking Palladium to China! Almost after a year of the Palladium album being out, Greyson will be the first American artist to return to tour in China since the pandemic started! This leg of the Palladium tour takes place in July 2023. Tickets

July 5, 2023   Uncategorized

Greyson released the Deluxe version of his album, Palladium. It features two new songs called, “Sex & Other Drugs” and “Herringbone”. Along with the deluxe version, Greyson teamed up with some artists and producers to remix “Palladium”, “My Dying Spirit” and “Down & Out” as Palladium Re-Imagined. Both are available for download/streaming on all major […]

July 5, 2023   Photos, Photoshoot

Greyson has released new merchandise for his newest album, Palladium and song, Sex and Other Drugs. A photoshoot session was also done for the merch. Photos have been added to the gallery. Merchandise Photoshoot Small Set #41 Miscellaneous > Merchandise > Palladium (2022) Miscellaneous > Merchandise > Sex & Other Drugs (2023) Photoshoots > Official […]

March 17, 2023   Music

Greyson released a new song called “Herringbone”. The song will be featured on the Deluxe version of Palladium which is coming out soon. The  song is available on all major music streaming platforms. Stream/Download

February 19, 2023   Performace, Video

Greyson did a live take of his song, “The Balcony Song” during a rehearsal for the Palladium Tour. The song is featured on Chance’s album, Palladium which you can stream / download here. The video can be watched below. /p>

February 7, 2023   Performace, Photos, Tour

Greyson finished up the Palladium Tour in January by performing in West Hollywood and San Francisco, California. Photos from the shows have been added to the gallery. Rehearsal West Hollywood, California San Francisco, California Candids > 2023 > January 10 • Palladium Tour Rehearsal in Los Angeles, California Performances & Tours > Tours > Palladium […]

December 8, 2022   Performace, Photos, Tour

Greyson performed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 3rd as part of the Palladium Tour. Photos from the concert have been added to the gallery. Performances & Tours > Tours > Palladium Tour (2022) > December 3 • Minneapolis, Minnesota