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Dear Visitors and Followers,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Greyson Chance Network (greyson-chance.net) effective July 2024. Over the years, it has been our privilege to create and curate content for fellow fans, but unfortunately, circumstances have led us to this decision.

Despite our best efforts, the level of Greyson’s activity, contend and visitors to the site has dwindled significantly. This has resulted in a decline of posting, and interaction, and visitor count. It is not fair for a host to have an idle site and additionally, the financial burden of hosting and domain fees has become unsustainable in light of these circumstances. This site originates from pure appreciation and love for Greyson. All I ever wanted to give Greyson the recognition and celebration he deserves. At this time, I feel that Greyson is doing very well with updating his fanbase on his journey in his career, so I will leave it to him.

I want to thank all of you who have supported and loved the site over the years. Your support has kept the site going as long as it has, and it’s been truly inspiring to witness and be a part of the memories that have been made.

While this may be the end of Greyson Chance Network, this does not mean I (the admin) is going anywhere. I will still be a part of the fanbase supporting Greyson from my own account (@bitterxroses). Please continue to share your love for Greyson with others, on twitter/x or other platforms as he deserves so much recognition and celebration for his work.

The website can still be accessed until July 11, 2024. In the meantime, I suggest visiting the gallery and collecting any photos you want to keep.

Again, thank you for the support on the website and I will be seeing you around!

Greyson Chance Network Admin

May 8, 2024  •  maddie

Greyson posted a short video on his social  media accounts teasing new music/new era. After posting, Greyson replied to fans, providing more information. The video can be watched below and the replies to fans can be read by clicking “see tweets”.


See Tweets (click to show/hide)

What genre will your new music be? 👀
Jordy (@jordyonthemoon) April 2, 2024

genres to me are so tricky, but i set out to make the most timeless & classic music i could for this record ; shit that could play in 20 years and still feel valuable — i think (and hope) i accomplished that
Greyson Chance (@greysonchance) April 2, 2024

heyyy @greysonchance
miss u soooo much!! would u give us a little sneak peak of ur new music like the title or ?!
nini (@stuckingsroom) April 2, 2024

— Greyson Chance (@greysonchance) April 2, 2024

please don’t make me cry 🥲
maddie (@bitterxroses) April 2, 2024

i just might though :’(
— Greyson Chance (@greysonchance) April 2, 2024

April 2, 2024  •  maddie

Over the summer, Greyson performed at Charlotte Pride in North Caroline and Akron Pride in Ohio. Photos from the events have been added to the gallery.

August 20 – Charlotte Pride (Performance)

August 26 – Akron Pride (Appearance)

January 8, 2024  •  maddie

The photo gallery has been updated with some new photos from past photoshoots, the Maybelline Prince set and Palladium.

Photoshoot by Brodrick Baumann (2019)

Small Set #34 (2022)

Maybelline Prince

Palladium Booklet

January 8, 2024  •  maddie

While in China for the Palladium Tour, Greyson took the time to post for some photos. The various sets have been added to the gallery.

Set #42

Set #43

Set #44

August 4, 2023  •  maddie

As the first American artist to return to tour in China, Greyson made many stops around the country all throughout the month of July as part of the Palladium Tour. Photos from the concerts, backstage a photo diary and various other tour related photos have been added to the gallery.


July 13 • Wuhan Shi, China
July 15 • Beijing, China
July 16 • Nanjing, China
July 18 • Shanghai
July 22 • Guangzhou, China
Shenzhen, China
July 25 • Chengdu, China
July 26 • Chongqing, China


July 15 • Beijing, China


Photo Diary


August 4, 2023  •  maddie

Greyson performed at the TMEA Music Festival in Macao, China on July 8, 2023. Photos from the red carpet, performance and backstage have been added to the gallery.

Red Carpet



August 4, 2023  •  maddie

Greyson is taking Palladium to China! Almost after a year of the Palladium album being out, Greyson will be the first American artist to return to tour in China since the pandemic started! This leg of the Palladium tour takes place in July 2023.


July 5, 2023  •  maddie

Greyson released the Deluxe version of his album, Palladium. It features two new songs called, “Sex & Other Drugs” and “Herringbone”. Along with the deluxe version, Greyson teamed up with some artists and producers to remix “Palladium”, “My Dying Spirit” and “Down & Out” as Palladium Re-Imagined. Both are available for download/streaming on all major music services.

Palladium Deluxe / Palladium Re-Imagined



July 5, 2023  •  maddie

Greyson has released new merchandise for his newest album, Palladium and song, Sex and Other Drugs. A photoshoot session was also done for the merch. Photos have been added to the gallery.



Small Set #41

July 5, 2023  •  maddie